Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm a Pretty Princess

Say it!

So I'm half asleep in the chair with the TV on for noise trying to read Helen of Troy by Margaret George. I was intrigued by its premise (her life, from her perspective) because I enjoyed Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon for much the same reason. My already flagging attention to the book in my hands is wrenched free by the commercial that's just appeared on the telly.

I am far too excited to tell the story any other way than this.

Disney is giving away a night in THE CASTLE.

As in, Cinderella's castle.

As a little girl, I was never a big Disney damsel fan. I loved Snow White for the music, but I liked the stuff about animals better. Never cared much for the whole Cinderella fantasy. But I loved me that castle. I was lucky enough to have generous grandparents who helped my parents take my sister and I to DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida, several times during our youth. That castle was always the one place I wanted to get inside of that I never could. Nobody could. Just the idea of getting in there was heady. And now, the theme park is randomly handing out family passes for the royal treatment.

Yes, yes, I am a pretty princess. I am a pretty princess!


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