Sunday, February 04, 2007

Steve Burns is My Hero

So I made it my business to set my DVR to record Friday's special episode of Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin. It's one of my kid's favorite shows, and I happen to enjoy it, too. So sue me. I was even more appreciative of the program when I found out that John Stewart would be making a guest appearance on the Groundhog Day episode.

It was a great show. I watched it several times this weekend, only paying attention to the parts that included John, however, for though I love the show, I've got shit to do during the day, ya know? Yeah, man, I got priorities.

This afternoon, however, I was able to sit down and curl up under a nice fleece blanket, warding off the below zero temperatures by cuddling up with my young'un, and holding at bay that sleepy after lunch feeling by attending to zippy children's shows for a few hours. I watched a little video by a two man band, singing a hard rockin' song filled with surprisingly heavy guitar riffs (there's even a little girl who does an amazing "mosh" move), and I kept staring at the face of the lead singer and guitarist, thinking, I know those eyes. Dammit, I know those eyes. And those dimples. Who the hell is that?!

And it struck me. Holy crap on my Mom's shoes. It's Steve. As in, Steve from Blues Clues. Yeah, that short and annoying, yet disarmingly cute guy (not as annoying as Barney, God help us, but still) from the long running afore-mentioned kids program on Nickelodeon.

My brain denied it. But I couldn't shake those baby browns, that smile. Yeah, his head was shaved, he had some scrubby grungy facial hair (the tough guy look was sorta defeated by the silly groundhog ears he had on, though *wink*) and he looked a little older, but it HAD to be Steve Burns. So I did a little web hopping, and voila.

Steve left Blue to "go to college" but he really ran away to be an indie rocker. He was rumored to be dead of a heroin overdose, midway through Blue's Clues run. Steve even has his own web page. Oh, and no Mom, Steve and Joe are not really brothers in real life.

Steve Burns is my new hero. Well, not really, but he does rock. And, if you click the lick above for Jack's Big Music Show, you'll find his song and video featuring Steve Drozd (of the Flaming Lips! F**k yeah!): Hog the Ground. I dig it; maybe you will, too.


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