Friday, November 10, 2006

New York Times Day

I really like their online version. Makes me almost want to shell out the cash for porch-front delivery. Almost.

The Golden Torso. I am a sucker for a purty face, and this guy is particularly yummy, but what really got my rocks off was the play on words. Am I that much of a geometry nerd?!

According to the people who know about this kind of stuff, China will soon be at the top of worldwide emissions. Cool. We get to be second on the list of "Things That Suck To Be First At."

I found this article about Lebanon's Christian population interesting. But I have to ask -- did the guy's daughter have a say?! I mean, how do you make a personal statement with someone else's soul?!

John McCain has resigned his position at Gallaudet, after faculty and students ousted their incoming president -- who claims she wasn't "deaf enough."

This was the by far the coolest article Thursday; an interview with one of the people involved in the ever-changing, always evolving world of the Oxford English Dictionary: Cyber-Neologoliferation.


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