Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I have lots of things to discuss and report. But I relapsed this past weekend and my doctor thinks I now have a secondary bacterial infection (bronchial and sinus). He prescribed this decongestant/cough supressant/antihistimine which wore off sometime around 5 am this morning. So I took a swig from my husband's script cough syrup which has more dextromorphan and the stuff that is in mucinex. It made me puke mightily until I had nothing but dry heaves. I think I have overdosed. Right now I feel like a cold cow turd with a buzz. My scalp is tingling.

I will publish tomorrow.

and tomorrow....and tomorrow....and tomorrow....


At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to replace the healthy microbes in your system that have been killed by all the antibiotics.

It is a real estate game. the more territory in your body populated by benign microbes the less chance the nasty bugs have of gaining a foothold.

Start with Probiotics - see if your Doctor is willing to culture your own benign microbes to reintroduce them in mass.

More antibiotics will only lock you into a cycle of killing everything off - then having the nasties repopulate faster than the benign bugs.

Good Luck.

At 8:44 PM, Blogger Ellabee said...

Thanks for the advice! I was treated briefly by a holistic specialist, who was also my chiropractor. He talked a lot about this issue.

This info is actually much more relevant for my husband; he is in a state of constant upheaval (sinus and otherwise). Me, I can actually count on one hand how many time I've been on antibiotics in my adult life. We're too programmed to ask for antibiotics, when more than half the time they don't work, because what we've got is viral, not bacterial. . .

Thanks for visiting!


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