Thursday, September 07, 2006

Some Things That I Like That Are Gay

On a site which I frequently visit, another visitor posted a thread in the forum entitled "something I like that's gay." For me, gay has never applied to homosexuals, though I know that's a widely accepted term. For me, depending on the context, gay can denote stupid, silly, useless, annoying, goofy, incongruous....unfortunately they are all on some level "negative" but that's not because I have a problem with gay people. It's just the way I've always used the word.
Besides, I don't want to argue semantics. I want to talk about things that I like that are gay.
RockStar: Supernova. I missed Tuesday's ep, but I caught it on DVR. Incredible performances! My top three would be Toby, Magni, and Storm. I am on my way to the website, because I don't feel like watching last night's ep to find out who will be going to the finale. OK, hold on.....Oh, poop. Storm goes home. I am pissed. I have serious issues with Lukas. Whenever I listen to him sing, I'm struck by the affectation he puts on in his pronunciation, and I almost always have a difficult time understanding the lyrics. Well, I am confident this is not the last we have heard of Storm. I hope to hear that orginial "What the What is Ladylike" on the radio soon, livin' large. PS. Are her boobs real? They looked like perfectly stiff melons under that wife-beater Tuesday night. Defying gravity.
Target (pronounced Tar-zhay, as in French). I cannot stay out of that store. That's really all I have to say.
Pogo.Though I am not as addicted as my husband, I still play waaaay too much Tumblebees. It is really hard to do when you are stoned.
Hello Kitty.Alright. Let me break it down for ya. As a child, I was quite satisfied with my quality of life, and my parents did a lot for my sister and for me. However, we didn't get everything we wanted, and that included all the Helly Kitty gear I loved but could never justify to my Mom. So now that I make my own dough, I fear that I am still purchasing the things I wish I'd had 25 years ago (including a cordless phone & a hairdryer, of all things!). That Kitty is sooo Kool.
I think this stuff some might refer to as "guilty pleasures" but I really don't like that phrase, mostly because I don't feel the least little bit guilty. Maybe a little embarassed (but I can't be too embarassed since I made it public), but not guilty.
If I ever get any visitors here, on my glorified journal, maybe someone can share the stuff they like that's gay.


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