Friday, November 11, 2005

Bonfire of the Blogging

Thor's hammer! I feel salaciously self-absorbed. Oh, the vain reality; who really wants to read what I have to say?
A thirtysomething first time Mommy suffering the lingering effects of post-partum depression well into my daughter's twelfth month (I've never had the impulse to smother her, but I have wanted to smother my husband now and again). I have a sense of humor and self that is at once dark and idiotic. Quirky political views (as I'm sure I'll display in time). Fits of temper and ribaldry, paired with a religious fervor not many people can figure out. In one day I will listen voraciously to NPR and then watch Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. In between, I might smoke a bowl and read scripture. I embrace my inconsistencies!
In the soundtrack of my life, the over-riding theme would be Switchfoot's "This Is Your Life" (hence the blog title).
this is your life, are you who you wanna be?
I don't think I am, so that's what I'm working on right now. Better Mother, better Wife, better Human Being. Maybe a better writer and thinker along the way.
Or maybe not. The beauty of this whole thing is, I could post pictures of the wart that I just recently discovered on the bottom of my foot. Or I could passionately discuss my love of the tea cozy. Somebody out there would weep and laugh at my exploits.
Here's hoping I can stir a few embers. . .fan a few flames. . .or copiously stoke a wild fire. The Bonfire of the Blogging has begun!


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