Thursday, November 16, 2006

Delta Airlines vs. Breast-feeding Moms

A woman was apparently asked to deplane a Delta/Freedom flight, when she refused to cover up with a blanket while breastfeeding her child.

I actually heard about the story last night on an 11 o'clock newscast. It was so cool seeing all the mothers in front of the Delta ticket counter. I am absolutely certain they regretted their lapse of reason after the "nurse-in."

I'm at once disgusted and amused by this story. Disgusted, because it's a clear indication of the American penchant for dirtying up something that is natural, and also protected by law (in every state of the Union, as far as I know). I'm amused because I know what it's like to try to breast-feed a toddler with a friggin' blanket on her head. It just doesn't work. My daughter started whipping the blankets off of her by the time she was physically able, right around six months. I rarely breast-fed in public, but when I did, nobody except the people with whom I was sitting (family & friends) had any clue what it was that I was doing. Throwing a blanket over my activity would only have brought further attention to my already discreet behavior.

How can people be so clueless? And when will our culture catch up? We've got Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis making enough money and garnering enough attention to choke a sensationalist horse (despite his admission of knowingly using underage girls in his videos) but yet providing the absolute best in nutrition and bonding is viewed as something that should be covered up, as if it's a shameful secret. *cough* bullshit *cough*

America the Beautiful.


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