Sunday, November 19, 2006


I'm having one of those days....they seem to come closer and closer together, lately. Melancholy mixed with anger, leading to random bitchiness and eventually, emotional collapse. On nights like these, I say a little prayer for myself, and also express deep thanksgiving for the following:

1. Micheal C. Hall in Dexter
2. A fresh Heath Bar
3. Early bedtime facilitated by extended bath play

For quite some time, I could actually hear my daughter in the bedroom, singing. But at least she was singing, and singing in the confines of her own personal space, leaving my much needed boundaries uncrossed for another 12 hours. I always awaken the following morning feeling recovered, and as soon as I hear the sleepy but joyous "Mommy, mommy!" when I open her door, feel her arms squeeze my neck and her cheek grazing mine, it's like a brand new day. Let the sun shine in!

But for now, I sip Bailey's Mint and await the replay of my current cable obsession.


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