Sunday, February 18, 2007

Let's Burn Some Books!

Children's Book Starts Battle With Single Word

Once more, my country reveals its prudishly uptight puritan beginnings. And so it goes; war, pestilence, poverty, and here in the good old U S of A, a bunch of librarians have their panties in a twist over the mention of a mutt's ball sac.

Um, hello. Newsflash. This is what boys talk about. I have an 8 year old nephew. I know.

Oh, and I also have to say that anyone who compares the use of said word to tactics used by Howard Stern has clearly never actually listened to Howard Stern.

Ironically enough, as well, even if the book (despite its Newberry Award-winning status) had slipped through the cracks, thanks to the media fracas brought about by the proposed banning, it will turn into the 2 Live Cru of the children's literary world. Yes, that's right, you fundies. Fan the flames and guess what happens? The fire gets bigger, and there's lots more smoke.

Marian the Librarian would have kept it on the shelves. Assholes.

Wow -- the ground looks far away from up here on my soapbox. I'm gonna jump now, before it's too late and I'm permanently fueled with righteous passion and take off in a burst of self-aggrandizing fumes.

A special shout out to my pal Slappy, who, in his infinite otter wisdom, pointed out my pattern of tribal drum pounding, and how it just happened to coincide with Aunt Flo. I can now approach my blog each month with this knowledge. And, as they say, knowledge is power.

But, it's not gonna stop me from being a bitch. So, stay out of my way, all ye with the dreaded y-chromosome. I am fifty foot tall for the next three days, wearing six inch stilletto heels. Don't let my wailing and gnashing of teeth fool you: I'm fatal.


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