Friday, March 23, 2007

Bong Hits For Jesus

The less glamorous title of the case is Morse v. Frederick.

"The amazing thing to me about this case is the outpouring of support of free speech across the country and our own community in Alaska, and particularly the outpouring of support all across the political spectrum from the far right to the far left and everywhere in between," Mertz said. "Free speech is a true core American value that everyone believes in and we're hoping that includes the members of this court."

This makes me laugh. I can't even wrap my head around the stupidity of some people.

And what really cracks me up, is this is a result of a hot-headed teacher who is likely kicking herself in the ass for reacting out of anger to something as innocuous as a youngster putting up a sign intended to piss off some grown-ups. This is what I often refer to as the 2Live Crew effect. Make enough noise about something *full of sound and fury, signifying nothing* and eventually the right media outlet will latch onto it and whoosh! The ball is in play.

I think I want the slogan to be my new bumpersticker, though.


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