Saturday, April 07, 2007

Shiny Happy

Simple Pleasures.

Gwen Stefani's Sweet Escape (woo hoo, yee hoo) on the stereo while Cady spins in circles, squealing, "I zizzy!"

Rechargeable batteries.

Sophie's Choice = a good cry.

Sun peeking out behind clouds, melting the snow (yes, snow). It is spring, after all, even in the mid-atlantic.

Easter, even though it's a misappropriated pagan holiday, I still believe (on the days my doubt would lead me to look for the marks on hands and feet) they rolled the stone away that day, and found it empty.

And there are times when faith
and common sense do not align
When hard core evidence of you
is hard to find
And I am silenced in the face
of argumentative debate and
It's a long hill, it's a lonely climb
Cuz they want proof, they want proof
of all the mysteries I claim
And only fools would want to chant
a dead man's name
Maybe it's true, yeah, but

I'll be a fool for you
Oh, because you asked me to,
A simpleton who's seemingly naive,
I do believe that you came and
made yourself
A Fool for me.

~Nichole Nordeman


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