Saturday, April 07, 2007

Oh, come on, honey, you know I love your big ass

He said, and we all collapsed in a heaping fit of laughter, literally.

I'd been bent over, looking for something in my purse, and Cady came careening around the corner, as is her wont, and she ran dead nuts into me. Of course her big ole head is level with my hind quarters. BAM! My husband completely lost it first, sputtering, "It was like a collision with a bumper car."

"Yeah, I know. Thanks." I say dryly, helping Cady, who is giggling as well, up off the floor.

"Oh, come on, honey, you know I love your big ass." He then proceeds to do a variation of the ze frank who's your daddy move, singing the chorus to Juvenile's Back That Ass Up.

It ain't Shakespeare, but I guess it works. And I'm glad I just got a membership to Curves.


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